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Writing ideas for reluctant writers

My daughter loves to write.  She writes all day long and on EVERYTHING.  My son though is a very reluctant writer and printer and he avoids it whenever he can.  So I am always looking for creative ways and writing ideas to encourage him to write since we are still working on his pencil grip and fine motor skills.   With the reluctant writers I work with at school I always suggest "tricking" them into writing by giving them activities and assignments that are so fun they don't even realize they are practicing writing.  One of the ways I do this at home is to have my kiddos set the table and write each family members name on a napkin.

Encourage kids to practice writing by printing on napkins

The kids love to do this.  Often I get a little message or drawing on my napkin as well.  This activity not only works on printing but name recognition as well.  I find that when kids are given a reason or a purpose to write they are much more willing to engage in these activities as opposed to giving them printing practice worksheets.

Here are some more writing ideas that encourage kids to write and print:
  • write thank you cards, birthday cards, I love you cards
  • write notes to family members and friends
  • help write the grocery list
  • write important events on the calendar
  • write texts and/or emails to family members
  • make lists of books they've read or like
  • write out their birthday and Christmas wish list
  • help make chore charts
  • make books
  • have kids pretend they are waiters and have them take your order
  • have kids pretend they are doctors and have them write up a report or prescription
  • let them be the score keeper on game night
  • making writing fun by using a variety of multi-sensory materials such as sand, rice, paint, etc..
  • use chalkboards and whiteboards
  • use fancy gel pens, markers, and hi-lighters

Got any fun writing ideas?  What do you do to encourage printing and writing?

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